Top Fat Attack


Attacks your big concentrated top fat deposits. The cause of your weight problem might be a toxic liver or too much progesterone. No more beer belly!

Improve the way you look and feel about yourself with TenaZ!

Digestive System: 

TenaZ Meal – The Digestive Enzymes supports your pancreas to digest carbs and to stabilize blood sugar levels. It also assists the pancreas with the breakdown of proteins. The Liver and gallbladder can break down fat much easier with the help of the digestive enzymes inside the TenaZ meal.


Detox – Your liver might be toxic. Clean your Liver for maximum Fat metabolism. Clean your intestine from any plaque layers for better nutrient absorption.

Endocrine System: 

Metabolic Repair Kit – Balance Day and Night Metabolism. Speed up weight loss results. Improve your deep sleep for better fat burning

Stress  Capsule – Control Stress Levels, making you calm and relaxed while your carb intake is lower to lose weight.