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About Us

TenaZ is Sanet written in Reverse.


The T of TenaZ and the Z of TenaZ Symbolizes Protection.


Just like the hard covers of a book, protect the soft pages inside against damage. TenaZ protects your cellular health while you transform your body. Weight Loss starts at Cellular Level, transforming your Body, Mind & Soul!


TenaZ is a Spanish word and means A new Beginning


Sanet was the face or Slim-Eeze, the founder of TenaZ, Dynamite Green & 527 Weight Loss.


Word from Sanet:

My dream is simple; I want to be Healthy, Slim and Happy with me.I want to be able to give you the same, a perfect weight loss solution that really lasts Simple & Healthy! With on-going studies and intensive research, I kept searching for an advanced permanent solution for the individual needs.I have spent my entire life, 20years, full-filling this dream. And I finnally feel that I am closer to my goal…I am proud to announce the New TenaZ Transform Weight Loss Program.


TenaZ focus on your Waist-to-hip Ratio, Concentrated Fat Deposits and the Symptoms of your Obesity.


We aim rectifying all this dysfunctions at Cellular Level.


TenaZ uses our Behaviour Modification Program; we teach you the Basics about Nutrition and get you Active again.The TenaZ Meal Supports gives you all the Cellular Nutrition you need for each Level as you progress to Lose your Weight. The Big Secret is the Digestive Enzymes, they assist your pancreas, liver and gallbladder to have optimum fat and carb metabolism. It stabilises your Blood Sugar Levels and Improves your Digestive Health as well as the absorption of the food you enjoy.


Our Detox cleans your body on Cellular Level. The Liver, Kidneys, Blood & Digestive System. It Balances all Chemical and Hormonal Imbalances.
TenaZ gives you ALL you need to be healthy to lose weight -on Cellular Level!


TenaZ will change you perception about your Weight and Weight Control Forever.


Start your Transformation Today with TenaZ!