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TenaZ believes in a Balanced Holistic Lifestyle. We repair Chemical, Hormonal and Nutrient Imbalances with our TenaZ product Ranges that causes your unexplained weight and sometimes health problems. We bring Body, Mind and Soul together to reach your Healthy Goal Weight and maximum potential.


We know how to assist you to Transform your Body. TenaZ will change your perception about Weight Loss Support forever! We have Weight Loss Coaches waiting to assist you. Call us now, we can help you today!


TenaZ is the leader in Fat Control Science. Since 2006 we constantly do intense product development.  TenaZ do research on the newest weight loss technology and  complies with WADA regulations. The Extreme Range took more than 5 years to be developed.


All TenaZ Products are:

  • Pure Cell Food
  • Stimulant Free
  • Non-Addictive



TenaZ is safe to use with Chronic Medication. TenaZ has no Side Effects, please contact your Health Practitioner for any inquiries concerning your Chronic Medication. It is TenaZ’s Policy not to treat Children under the age of 16, Pregnant or Breast Feeding Women. We do not Claim to Cure any Medical Condition, we Specialize in Fat Control and the Retention of Lean Muscle Mass!

What program do you need?


Create Optimal Cell Nutrition for Maximum Fat Loss!

Get all the Control Tools you need to change your Behavior. The Extreme Pack contains eight Nutritional Weight Loss Support Products. The complete framework for your Weight Loss success. You can now lose 10 kg Body Fat and Gain 2kg of Lean Muscle in one month.


There is 3 Control Methods we use to support you while transforming your Body with the Extreme Pack:


  1. Food Control: Stop all Dieting and Repair Nutrient Imbalances that cause weight gain!


  • No Diet Program: Change the way you think about food and learn a healthy sustainable lifestyle. Never Diet again! Enjoy 1 family Meal using our Behavior Modification Rules. Eat 2 Snack Meals. Eat an abundance of Veggies and Salads. Drink water equivalent to 10% of your total Body Weight
  • Meal Replacements: Simply replace as many Meals as possible. This help to repair nutrient imbalances and control starvation dieting. The Extreme Pack have two Meal replacements per day.
  • No Thank You: Overcome barriers the first 4 days. Overcome emotional and mindless overeating.  Stop constant hunger and continued cravings. Get more self-control, get better results!


  1. Metabolic Control: Boost Metabolism. Lose weight faster!


  • Detox: Cleans liver from excess hormones and chemicals to burn fat faster. Repair nutrient imbalances and control craving the simple way. Remove the plaque layer in digestive tract for ultimate nutrient absorption.
  • Good Morning: Kick start your day metabolism while having heaps of energy.
  • Good Night: Lose weight while you sleep. Improve your deep sleep to build lean muscle. Repair and rejuvenate your cells, fighting ageing.



  1. Fat Control: Attack your Big Fat Deposits and get rid of all unwanted problem areas. Choose your specific Fat Attack Program that describe your body type the best


  • Top: You have less than 15 kg to lose and have a typical Apple Shape Figure. All your Fat is concentrated on your upper body. You have slim arms and legs and a perfect bum.
  • Bottom: You have less than 15 kg to lose and have a typical Pear Shape figure. All your fat is concentrated on your bum, thighs and legs. You battle with cellulite and many times have hormonal imbalances.
  • All Over: Most of the times you have more than 15 kg to lose. You are fat from top to toe. You might have a double chin and flabby arms and lose skin. Many times you suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases which can be cured by losing your excess fat.


Stress Fat: A Unhealthy Diet, Stress, Menopause as well and overweight may cause Adrenal fatigue. This is why you have love handles and a pendulous stomach. Attack this Stress Fat and prevent further Stress Eating while transforming your Body with the Stress Fat Attack.


Get the Extreme  Pack today @ only R2500 pm and Save R500!

TenaZ since 2006 - I lost 10kg in 3 weeks!


Men Only Fat Loss & Muscle Building Program!


Macho Man Pack @ only R1500 today!

Consists off:

  • Fat Combat Plan
  • 1 Macho Man Shake (30)
  • 1 Macho  Capsules (30)


Build muscle, get a Real Macho Man Body

Macho Man is for REAL MEN – Young and Old. Especially Men above 40!   


Drop all Unwanted Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass. Get Results like Never Before, Take your Body to the Next Level. Get the Body you Deserve, Change your Body, Change your Life!


  • Anti-Ageing!
  • Improve Testosterone Levels
  • Become a Mean Lean Fighting Machine


Fat Combat Eating Plan: Simply Replace 1 to 2 Meals with a Macho Man Shake. Enjoy other Main Meals with Behavior Modification Rules. Eat as much Veggies and Salads as you want when you want. Eat 2 Snack Meals. Drink water equivalent to 10% of your total Body Weight.


Supplemental Capsules: Take 1 Macho Man Cap when you wake up and 1 Macho Man Cap when you go to bed.


Macho Man will inspire you to get fit and to stay fit forever at a “Fat Combat Workshop”

Macho Man

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