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 Did you see us on TV, hear on the Radio or heard from your best friend. TenaZ really works!

TenaZ will change your perception about Weight Loss, Dieting and Exercise Forever  !

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 Click on your Fat Attack:

Top Fat Attack  Big Fat Deposits: 	Apple Body Shape – All your Fat is concentrated on the Upper part of your Body.  Male: 	Waistline 105cm and up.  	Big hard stomach / beer belly.  	Fat roll below their breasts called a liver roll.   	Slim arms and legs, no other fat except belly fat. Look stunning in a loose shirt and tight pants.  Female:  	Waistline 88cm and up. 	Big hard belly / pregnant look. 	Fat roll below their breasts called a liver roll.   	Facial hair. 	Beautiful legs and bum, looks stunning in a short loose dress.  Symptoms: 	Heartburn.  	Burping after eating.  	Sensation of fullness just under right rib cage.  	Reduced tolerance of fatty foods and refined grains.  	Regular headaches. 	Skin problems, brown spots on back & hands, little red dots on skin, skin tags and itching. 	Irritability or moody in the morning, friendly in the evening. 	Hot feet at night. Feet must be open when in bed. 	Varicose Veins or Spider Veins.  	Arthritis. 	Stiffness in upper


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