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Control Methods:

Diet Hotline

Phone our Diet Hotline 0861595959 if you need support, we know how you feel. TenaZ guide, motivate and inspire you to reach goal weight and stay slim forever!

Weight Control:

Lose weight in the privacy of your own home. Take back Control – Complete the Evaluation. TenaZ gives you a FREE Behavior Modification Program to lose weight the healthy way without starvation or losing valuable lean muscle. This program is suitable for your entire family and accordingly to your unique weight control needs. We will also send you a FREE Food Chart and a FREE Weight Loss Chart to use to monitor your progress and to reach your weight loss goals.

Food Control:

You might be overweight because you may eat irregular, unbalanced and non-nutritional meals this sometimes cause unexplained weight gain. TenaZ use Behavior Modification to teach you the basic rules of Nutrition – Food Groups, Portion Control, Time Control & Fluid Control.

The TenaZ Meal assist you to control your food intake without huge meal planning. The Digestive Enzymes support your pancreas and liver with Food Intolerance and give you ultimate Nutrient Absorption. Now you can have a normal social meal with your family without feeling guilty to eat. No more Strict dieting or Diet food.

Use No Thank You if you need self control to stick to your weight loss goals.

Metabolic Control:

Do you battle to lose weight?  Do you have digestive problems. Is your resting metabolism is slow.

The Metabolic Repair Kit give you 24/7 weight loss. Use our TenaZ Detox to clean your liver to burn fat faster. Your digestive system will absorb nutrients better and control Cravings.

The Good Morning speed up fat burning and improve your Catabolic Metabolism. The Good Night improve deep sleep and build Lean Muscle that speed up your Anabolic Metabolism.

Fat Control:

Nutrient, chemical and hormonal imbalances cause your Weight Problem or Big Concentrated Fat Deposits. TenaZ uses your  fat deposits to help you to choose your own Fat Attack Program. Our Fat Attack Capsule repair these imbalances that cause specific problem areas. Click on the picture that describes your Fat Deposits the best to learn more.




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