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Where is your Fat?

Yes, you can change your body, your shape and your size. The NEW TenaZ Fat Attack is one of the most exciting breakthrough developments in the weight loss industry. It is unique to TenaZ and only available here. We use your concentrated fat deposits as an indication of the direct cause of your weight problem.

Choose your personal TenaZ Fat Attack product according to your big Fat Deposits, Symptoms and Cravings.



All your fat is concentrated above your belly button in your upper body. You have a big hard belly. You have slim legs and arms and no fat on your bum or back. The only fat you have is your big tummy!
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All your fat is concentrated below your belly button. Mostly in your lower body, you might have a big fat bum and a little pouch. Most of your weight is concentrated in the upper legs.
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All Over

You are fat all over your body. Your face, neck, arms, breasts, stomach, bum, legs and even your feet are fat. You might even have lose skin, flabby arms and a double chin.
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