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9. TenaZ_Fat_Attack.JPG
  • need to lose weight fast


  • fat loss diet


  • explain behaviour


  • tenazity


  • nutritionist school

Big hard stomach called a Beer Belly
Waistline 102cm and up

A fat roll below their breasts called a Liver Roll. Pregnant look.
Waistline 102cm

• Heartburn
• Arthritis
• Regular headaches
• Skin tags and itching
• Burping after eating
• Sensation of fullness
• No tolerance of fatty foods and refined grains
• Irritability or moody in the morning, friendly in the evening
• Hot feet at night. Feet must be open when in bed.
• Stiffness in the upper and lower back between shoulder blades. Pain or tightness in the right shoulder area

Deep-fried and sour foods Salty Snacks like Biltong and Chips


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