At TenaZ we give you simple guidelines on how to choose the best food combinations for weight-loss and ultimate health. This is an easy way to lose weight and to control your new ideal weight in the future.  
We strive to cut out sugar, wheat, soy and alcohol. They all tend to block your ‘fat burn mode’ and activate your ‘fat store mode’. 
At TenaZ we only have 5 food groups: water, proteins, free vegetables, fats and carbohydrates (carbs).

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What do I do when I feel hungry?

Drink a glass of water (make sure if you are hungry, most times it’s because your body is dehydrated ).

Wait 20 minutes.

Go for a walk or phone a friend.

If you still feel hungry, have an extra TenaZ meal with yoghurt. 

Eat as many vegetables and salads as you want – they are unlimited! Carrots work best! 

Add a boiled egg or a portion of lean protein to your Meal Powder twice a day. 
How do I sustain my weight - loss after reaching my ideal weight or during holidays, or during a broken state?

Replace one meal a day, No Thank You if you use alcohol take 2 Detox capsules.  

Strive to be as active as possible Use the TenaZ Way guidelines for a healthy lifestyle.

What TenaZ products should I use when I reach normal weight? Replace one meal a day.

Use Good Night when you struggle to sleep.

Use Stress if you are under stress.

You need the Tena Z Detox once every 6 months to sustain a healthy digestive system  or if you use alcohol 

2. What can I do for ultimate weight loss?

Fast 4 - 6 hours between all meals. Fasting between main meals helps to balance your Leptin (decreases hunger) and Ghrelin (increases hunger) levels.

The more body fat you have the more Leptin resistant you will be.

Do not any eat snack meals.

Enjoy Breakfast with Portion control.

Simply replace lunch and dinner mixing your TenaZ powder with water!

Stop eating 4 hours before bedtime.

Do not consume alcohol, wheat, soya or any sugar

This is not the standard TenaZ Way – we only recommend this for emergency weight loss! 


3. How Long Can You Last on Meal Replacements?

Let's say you're losing an acceptable amount of weight with two meal replacements, two snacks, and a moderate dinner every day. How long can you stay on this eating plan? Many people use the meal replacements for the bulk of their meals for about six(6) months, they then maintain their weight loss for years by substituting a meal replacement shake for one meal on most days.

How to keep your food diary

Keeping a Food Diary is easy and requires little time. It will help you keep track of what you eat and drink. The food diary is a powerful, proven aid for effective weight loss. Research indicates that most people underestimate their calorie intake by as much as 25% to 40%. This will help you realize what you eat and drink each day and also whether you are active enough to promote weight loss.

It helps you identify problem foods and drinks that contain excessive calories and fat.

It helps identify moods, situations and events that lead to excessive eating of unwanted calories, so you can plan to overcome or avoid them.

This will prevents “calorie amnesia”: the forgetfulness that leads to rebound weight gain after weight loss. The recording puts you back on track again.

It will help you develop greater self-discipline. You will think twice about overindulging if you have a record of it.

It will motivate you to carefully plan your meals and to be more active.

It serves as an ‘analysis’ for TenaZ if you need any assistance. 

Why you keep your Food Dairy:

1. Time. The time at which you eat your meal or snack.

2. Hunger/Fullness. Please rate yourself at a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not hungry at all and 10 being famished. 

3. Location. Where you ate, for instance at home, at work, in the car, at a restaurant, etcetera.

4. Emotions. Any emotions you were experiencing before you ate, such as stress, frustration, and so on.

5. Food Eaten (include portions). Everything you ate and drank as well as the portion of each food or beverage: Water, Protein, Veggies, Fat & Carbs. 
As you keep your Food Dairy, you can add up the totals to see whether you met your meal plan goals for the day or whether you need to work on certain areas so you can be more in line with your daily goals.

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