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3. Weight loss needs.

Why are you overweight?

4. Do you need the Good Morning and Good Night?

Do you know @ TenaZ: If you answered yes to most of these questions, you need the TenaZ Metabolic Repair Kit to balance your Day and Night metabolism. Use the Metabolic Repair Kit (Good Morning and Good Night) during your first month on TenaZ @ R500. If you battle to sleep or follow a exercise program, you can keep on using the TenaZ Good Night capsule to improve your deep sleep and muscle recovery @ R250 per month.

5. Do you need the Detox?

The Detox cleans your liver for maximum fat metabolism. It also cleans your digestive tract from all unwanted plaque and toxins that hinders absorption of nutrients.You are not what you eat, you are what your digestive system digests and absorbs!
Do you know @ TenaZ: Alcohol makes your liver toxic and blocks the metabolism of fat. Men can have two drinks a day and women one. You cannot save your drinks for one day a week. Do not binge or save your daily drinks for one day and overindulge. For best results, stay away from alcohol.

6. Where is most of your fat situated?

A. You need the Top Fat Attack:

If all your Fat is concentrated above your belly button, in your upper body. You have a big hard belly. You have slim legs and arms and no fat on your bum or back. The only fat you have is your big tummy! Woman might have a fat roll under their breasts called a liver roll. This shape is referred to as the apple shape figure!

B. You need the Bottom Fat Attack:

If all your fat is concentrated below your belly button. Mostly in your lower body you might have a big fat bum and a little pouch. Most of your weight is concentrated in the upper legs. You might have saddlebags, you even have cellulite. This specific shape is generally referred to as the pear shape.

C. You need the All Over Fat Attack:

If all your fat is all over your body – your face, neck, arms, breasts, stomach, bum, legs and even your feet are fat. You are fat from top to toe!

Choose your Fat Attack capsule now?

7. Do you need help with Stress?

Tick what applies to you:
Do you Crave any of the following: (tick for yes):
Cure the cause of your weight problem:
Do you know @ TenaZ: Stress and trauma leads to, Adrenal Fatigue. Too much adrenaline leads to too much cortisol. Cortisol blocks your liver from burning fat. This is why you have some of the above symptoms and love handles and a pendulous stomach.

8. Do you need our TenaZ Meal powder?

The TenaZ Meal gives you control over your food intake and stabilize your blood sugar levels, the main cause of obesity. You feed your body on cellular level. Simply replace two meals a day to lose weight.

The big secret is the digestive enzymes, it support your digestive system to digest carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Every time you replace a meal, you only consume 33 ckal. You get no sugar, gluten, sodium, chemicals, added hormones or any by-products. The TenaZ Meal powder is safe to use and have no side effects with any chronic medication.

The TenaZ Meal powder to make you slim

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