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TenaZ Detox 60 Capsules per bottle @ R370. One bottle will last you a month.


Due to modern foods and your unhealthy lifestyle, you might battle to lose weight. Toxicity slows your metabolism down and damages your digestive health.


  • Do you battle to lose weight?
  • Did you lost a bit of weight but has come to a standstill?
  • Did you experience trauma and stress? This might lead to excess cortisol in your system that blocks your liver to metabolize fat.
  • Did you use loads of diet products before, without lasting results?


If you answered yes to some of this questions, you need the TenaZ Detox to get healthy to lose weight again! This Detox is especially for you. This detox is not aggressive. You do not feel sick during your cleansing process. It works gently on your liver, intestine, kidneys and blood.


1. Liver – The TenaZ Detox cleans a toxic liver for ultimate fat burning results.

2. Digestive system – Toxicity slows your metabolism down and damages your digestive health. Stop all cravings and clean your intestine from any plaque layers for better food metabolism and super nutrient absorption.


The Detox promotes the absorption of macro- and micro elements in your digestive system. Sometimes gluten produces a layer of plaque in your gut (just like a layer of plaque on your teeth), and then you develop a nutritional imbalance due to malabsorption of certain nutrients. You would experience a craving for sweet, salty and even sour snacks.  You are not what you eat, you are what your digestive system digests and absorbs many times this plaque layer inside your intestine is the big reason for being overweight!


The TenaZ Detox removes this layer of plaque gently in order for your gut to absorb maximum nutrients and ensures that your body is fed properly during your weight loss transformation process. The Detox is extremely important for successful slimming.


  • Please use the Detox the first month,, it would give you a jump-start and sustainable weight loss results!
  • If you use alcohol, keep on using the Detox when you enjoy a drink.
  • People who smoke, also benefit to keep on using the TenaZ Detox while transforming their bodies.