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Why Tenaz

At TenaZ we teach you to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle and how to eat wisely without feeling guilty.

The TenaZ Support products will do the following for you:

  • The Meal Support repairs your nutrient imbalances and feeds your body on Cellular level. It contains all Digestive Enzymes to assist you to lose the maximum weight and shrink your stomach back to normal to control mindless eating and emotional overeating.
  • The Good Morning / Good Night Capsules repairs your Day & Night Metabolism.
  • The Detox cleans your liver for maximum fat metabolism as well as your digestive tract for ultimate nutrient absorption.
  • The Fat Support you will choose according to your big concentrated fat deposits, symptoms and cravings. It repairs the chemical- and hormonal imbalances that causes your weight problem.

When your body is back in equilibrium, you won’t be tired and will be in control of your eating habits as well as your weight.

TenaZ is the only way to take back control and to lose weight, simple and healthy – Mind, Body & Soul!