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Top Fat

All your Fat is concentrated above your belly button in your upper body. This shape is referred to as the apple shape figure!

Males: No other fat except your hard big paunch or uncomfortable beer belly. You have toned arms and muscled legs.
Females: Uncomfortable fat roll (liver roll) under your breasts a hard paunch. Normally a firm bum and beautiful legs and toned arms. You might have a double chin and big arms if you are severely obese.


  • You really battle to lose weight across your stomach, no matter what you do.
  • You regularly have heartburn or severe digestive problems.
  • You might burp after meals, feel “full” under your ribcage, easily get nauseous and feel uncomfortable after eating fatty foods, meat and even refined starches.
  • Regular headaches, bumps on your skin, sometimes itchy skin.
  • Irritated and quick tempered in the mornings.
  • Warm feet at night, feet have to be open in bed.
  • Uncomfortable in your lower back and between your shoulder blades, sometimes also pain in your right shoulder area.
  • Females sometimes have unsightly and undesirable facial hair.
  • Arthritis.

The cause of your weight problem:

Your liver is toxic and can’t metabolise fat.
Too much progesterone causes your body to be in overdrive to build muscle and there is an imbalance in your Catabolic and Anabolic metabolism.