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Your Pear Shape Support Program


Dear ………….. (Name), the chances are good that you might be suffering from infertility and cysts on your ovaries.  You also might have severe PMS and can be irritable and moody, experience menstrual problems, a change in libido, vaginal dryness, constipation, acne and excessive hair loss.


You will need the following TenaZ Transform Products to lose weight without mood swings or tiredness!


  1. Pear Shape Support – Be the woman you always wanted to be!  You have a estrogen imbalance that creates most of the above mentioned symptoms.  You need the Bottom Fat Support to get rid of unwanted fat and cellulite on your bum, thighs and hips.  Improve how you look and feel.  Lose weight like never before!  You can keep on using the Bottom Fat Support to make Menopause easier.
  2. Meal Support – No more dieting! Simply replace 2 meals a day and enjoy 1 meal with 2 small snack meals! Assist your pancreas with digestive enzymes to break down proteins and carbs.  It gives you food control, convenience and saves you money – only R16 per meal!
  3. Once Off Detox – Kick-start your weight loss now. You need a clean liver for maximum fat metabolism.  The digestion and absorption of nutrients will be improved and your cravings for creamy dairy products will disappear! Use only for the first month.


Add On:


  • Good Morning / Good Night Metabolic Support – Get a Healthy Balanced Day and Night Metabolism for maximum weight loss Results!
  • Stress & Sleep Support – When in menopause your adrenals take over the work of your ovaries, therefore you will start gaining weight around your waistline and might even get love handles, a pendulous stomach or a buffalo hump. It’s a sign that you have adrenal fatigue and also have too much cortisol in your system.  Cortisol blocks your liver to metabolise fat and gives sleep deprivation while also increasing your stress levels.  Get our Stress & Sleep Support for maximum fat loss and improve your state of mind while transforming your body in your dreams.

Option A


Pear Shape Fat Support
Meal Support (X30)

Option B


Pear Shape Fat Support
Meal Support (X60)
Sleep & Stress Support

Option C


Pear Shape Fat Support x 2
Meal Support (X60) x 2
Sleep & Stress Support
Good Morning Capsules
Good Night Capsules

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