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Your Body Best is All Fat

Big Fat Deposits:

    • Fat from Top to Toe.
    • Fat face, arms, belly & legs.
    • Loose skin, flabby arms and a double chin.


    • Always tired.
    • Cold intolerance – cold hands & feet.
    • Poor short-term memory. Battle to focus. Depression.
    • Brittle nails and vertical ridges. Dry skin.
    • Dry hair. Hair loss – outer eye brows thinning.
    • Puffiness around the eyes.
    • High Cholesterol.
    • Insulin resistance.

Crave: Carbs – Bread, pasta, sweets and refined sugar.

Cure the cause of your weight problem: DETOX

  • Chemical – Liver might be toxic, Liver need to metabolise T3 to T4
  • Hormonal – Thyriod, Due to a depleted Thyroid, your body battle to absorb nutrients and to synthesize proteins, this is why you have lose skin and take supplements without any success.
  • Pancreas lacks digestive enzymes, to assist with food intolerance and insulin resistance, please replace at least one meal a day. For best weight loss results, replace two meals a day.