Macho Man Pack

Men Only Fat Loss & Muscle Building Program!

Consists off:

  • Fat Combat Plan

  • Macho Man Shake (30)

  • 1 Macho Capsules (30)

  • Build muscle, get a Real Macho Man Body

  • Macho Man is for REAL MEN – Young and Old. Especially Men above 40!

  • Drop all Unwanted Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle Mass. Get Results like Never Before, Take your Body to the Next Level. Get the Body you Deserve, Change your Body, Change your Life!

  • Anti-Ageing!

  • Improve Testosterone Levels

  • Become a Mean Lean Fighting Machine

  • Fat Combat Eating Plan: Simply Replace 1 to 2 Meals with a Macho Man Shake. Enjoy other Main Meals with Behaviour Modification Rules. Eat as much Veggies and Salads as you want when you want. Eat 2 Snack Meals. Drink water equivalent to 10% of your total Body Weight.

  • Supplemental Capsules: Take 1 Macho Man Cap when you wake up and 1 Macho Man Cap when you go to bed.

  • Macho Man will inspire you to get fit and to stay fit forever at a “Fat Combat Workshop”