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TenaZ really works!

Here at TenaZ, weight loss is simple – it’s all about input and output. If you are overweight, you are carrying too much saved-up energy! All TenaZ needs to do is to unlock this energy to rejuvenate and maintain the body you always wanted. If you want to improve your willpower, eliminate cravings and increase your focus, then, You need TenaZ.

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TenaZ Meal:



Healthy eating and exercise are not always possible. Most TenaZ clients have a busy schedule and nearly no time for healthy food preparation or exercise. If you skip meals or overeat, emotionally or out of habit, you need our convenient, tasty TenaZ Meal – only 33 Calories per serving! Simply replace all unhealthy meals and be in control of your food intake.Read more


Metabolic Repair Kit:

If you did everything possible to lose weight and still couldn’t reach your goal weight and if you want to see lasting results, you really need our Metabolic Repair Kit to kick-start your weight loss and speed up results. Balance your day- and night metabolism. Seeing results will motivate and inspire you to keep on focusing on your goal weight! Read more






Do you have cravings and constantly want to eat? Are you on anti-depressants, mood stabilizers or any chronic medication? If you battle with your digestive health or have irritable bowel syndrome, you need to repair all chemical imbalances with the TenaZ Detox by cleaning your digestive tract for maximum nutrient absorption. Feed your liver for ultimate fat metabolism. Read more





Fat Attack:

Where are your big concentrated fat deposits? Do you have any imbalances that can cause your overweight? Are you in menopause or andropause and really gain weight easily? The TenaZ Fat Attack will change your perception about weight control forever! Read more





Healthy Lifestyle:

At TenaZ we don’t follow a specific diet, we teach you Behaviour Modification. In short, a healthy balanced lifestyle the way you are. We never expect you to do any drastic changes because they never last. We teach you how to eat everything that you like with portion and time control and how to still lose weight and be in control, one day at a time! Read more