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TenaZ Meal


You never need to diet again. You now have the freedom of choice. With the help of the TenaZ Meal you simply replace as many meals as possible. The more meals you replace the quicker you will shed weight.

The big secret is the Digestive Enzymes that support your Liver to metabolize fat and your Pancreas to metabolize Carbohydrates and Proteins. Food Intolerance cause severe unexplained weight gain.

One serving of 15 g powder is only 33 k cal, you now can save all the calories but have the best pure nutrients to lose weight. You never get hungry, there is absolute no starvation. You feel on top of the world and have heaps of energy. This constant abundance of energy without stimulants is the reason why for the last 12 years many happy slim people are still using TenaZ. You can also sustain your weight loss and have a healthier digestive system. The benefits is amazing, old and young can use the TenaZ Meal. It is safe and have no side effects and tastes fabulous with water, milk or even juice.

Simply mix and enjoy as a meal or a drink.