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Dysfunctional Range


I made you a slide with the word Dysfunctional Pack.
One Dysfunctional Pack is R4500, Now only R3650.
We got a Bulk Special order 2 get one Free @ R7300.
The Dysfunctional Dieters Pack contain everything you would need to lose weight. If you
done everything possible to lose weight and reached a point of no return (Rock Bottom). If
you got 15kg and more to lose, are above 35 years. You just found your final destination; this
pack contains all you need to Take Back Control.
You get the following products in your Dysfunctional Pack:
• Weight Control: Behaviour Modification©, NO DIET© Food Chart, Weight Chart
• Food Control: 1x TenaZ Meal (30), 1x Bikini Body Shake / 1x Macho Man Shake (30 Meals)
1 x No Thank You (30)
• Metabolic Control: 1x Detox (60), 1x Good Morning, 1x Good Night (30 each)
• Fat Control: Choose Top, Bottom or All Over 1x Stress (60)
• Age Control: 1x Bikini Body / Macho Man Capsule (30)
This is a Month Supply and will give you the best possible results. The Dysfunctional Dieters
Pack is the complete solution for your weight problem. You never ever need to feel
embarrassed about your weight again.