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Founders Tale

TenaZ is the best and the most affordable family friendly weight loss support program in South Africa. TenaZ belongs in each and every household, we need agents country wide!”


Good day,


I am Sanet McAdam,  founder of TenaZ, you have seen me on TV or in the Huisgenoot. As a child my dream was to be slim.

I grew up with many hardships, at school I was never part of the group because I was too fat.

I tried every thing to get thin, I tried every diet and diet program, but I was still fat. Some diets worked but as soon as I stopped I would put the weight back on. I persevered even though I felt like giving up many times.

I grew up to be a strong woman that never gave up, today my dream has become a reality and I would like to share my success with you.

I am proud to be the founder of TenaZ. Take back Control with TenaZ. TenaZ really works!