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Do you battle with the following:

  • Overweight.
  • Food intolerance and allergies.
  • Bad indigestion, heart burn.
  • I skip meals.
  • Healthy food is too expensive.
  • I do not have time or money to prepare healthy food.
  • How do I stop eating unhealthy meals? I am trapped in the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting?


Never battle or diet again. Simply replace unhealthy meals and enjoy tasty meals with your family the TenaZ Way! Every time you replace a meal, you get all the nutrients your body needs to lose weight. No starvation, no lack of nutrients and no more dieting. Turn your fat burning switch on with the TenaZ Meal powder. This is the best way to lose your over weight and control your weight without strict dieting. Safe with no side effects!


Specialized Amino Acids repair nutrient Imbalances and give prolonged energy levels.

TenaZ is pure cellular food, with all the vital nutrients you need for maximum weight loss results.
The TenaZ Meal powder gives you the most affordable food control ever. When you replace a meal with TenaZ you only get 33 Calories per scoop of meal powder at as little as R11 per serving. This makes TenaZ the most affordable way to lose weight and the leader in the market.


The BIG SECRET about the TenaZ Meal powder is the digestive enzymes!


gallbladder1. Gallbladder  & Liver – The gallbladder looks like the TenaZ Cocoon of the butterfly.cocoon

The patented digested enzymes in the TenaZ meal powder assist your gallbladder to produce enough gal to assist the liver to break down fat. Many of our clients do not have a gallbladder anymore, therefore the liver is under severe stress to break down fat.

caterpillarpancreas2. Pancreas – The pancreas looks like the TenaZ Caterpillar.

Here the special combination of digestive enzymes helps the pancreas to break down carbohydrates and proteins. This assist with food intolerance like lactose and gluten intolerance. Many times the cause of obesity. The TenaZ Meal powder helps to improves insulin resistance. helping the pancreas to release insulin to remove the unwanted sugar out of the bloodstream.

butterflythyroid3. Thyroid – The thyroid looks like the TenaZ Butterfly.

The thyroid controls a healthy metabolism. The TenaZ Meal powder replenish the thyroid. It also nourish the liver to activate the thyroid hormone T4 to T3 for maximum weight loss results.


Why the TenaZ Meal powder?

To lose weight you need to eat less. Today’s food is full of hidden calories. Sugars, fats and flavours are added biotics, growth hormones and pesticides are used to get better and bigger food. This makes farming more profitable but weight loss much more difficult an unsuccessful.

This is why you battle to get lasting results even if you follow a healthy balanced diet and stick to it. The TenaZ Meal powder contains no hidden by-products and is pure cellular nutrition. Feeding your body on cellular level gives remarkable results when you transforming your body. No lose skin, nutrient deficiencies or any difficulty to lose weight.


How to use?

1. To lose weight, you simply replace 2 main meals a day:

  • If you weight less than a 100kg, you will need 1 scoop per meal. This means you will need 2 tubs per month @ R900.
  • If you weight more than 100kg, you will need 2 scoops per meal. This means you will need 4 tubs per month @ R1800.

2. To sustain weight loss and to be healthy, you need to replace 1 main meal a day:

  • If you weight less than a 100kg, you will need 1 tub per month @ R450.
  • If you weight more than 100kg, you will need 2 tubs per month @ R900.

Safe money – no extra multi-vitamins needed while you use the TenaZ Meal powder to transform your body.

If you can only afford R450 per month, simply replace 2 meals a day every first 2 weeks of the month. Follow the TenaZ Way the rest of the time. Repeat this cycle every month until you reach your healthy weight. Afterwards you can replace one meal a day to sustain your new body.


How to mix?

Use a shaker or simply stir. The TenaZ Meal powder is unflavoured and mix easily with any medium you prefer. Hot or cold. Therefore it never tastes the same and can never become boring. Many of TenaZ clients love to mix their TenaZ Meal powder with fresh, sugar-free fruit juice like Sir Juice Strawberry juice, Guava or Orange juice. I prefer mixing my TenaZ Meal powder with fat free milk or flavoured yogurt and some fresh fruit like a banana. You can make any tasty smoothie you like as long as it is low in calories, fat and do not contain any sugar or aspartame.


Fibre: Sometimes I add a handful of All Brann flakes for extra fibre. The TenaZ Meal powder contains no fibre at all. Many of our clients have severe bowl problems and can not have any fibre. This is why you are allowed to add two bowls of All Bran flakes per day to your program or 7 cups of free vegetables. Men can have 2 fruits and ladies 1 fruit per day. You can enjoy any fruit you prefer – remember soft tropical fruit like bananas and mango`s contains more sugar than hard fruits like apples and pears. But you only have one or two, it can not make you fat and is vital for proper nutrition. You need to chew and most of the times, fruit makes it easy to have a quick treat snack between meals. As long as you have it before 11AM in the morning. When you order your TenaZ online, we e-mail you a complete guide how to eat and what to eat for best weight loss results, this is called the TenaZ Way.


I lost 80kg and still is my healthy weight today!

Take back control. One meal at a time. TenaZ really works!