Food Control

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TenaZ Meal


Simply replace meals - No more Dieting!Control calorie intake; Only 51 cal per serving!The Big secret is the digestive enzymes that support your pancreas to metabolize proteins and carbs. Stabilizes blood sugar levels. Helps your liver break down the fat you eat and unwanted body fat.It contains Saturated fatty acids & butterfat for extra appetite control.

Bikini Body Shake


Bikini Body Shrinks Lose Skin and Attacks Cellulite.

Staged released proteins for prolonged energy. 12g of proteins per 15g serving.

Build lean Muscle. Mix with 175ml water or fat free milk or yogurt. You can add Coffee powder, Sweet O for flavor or Fresh Fruit.

Weight Loss . Body Toning & Building Lean Muscle

Macho Man Shake


Only 83 cal per serving! L-Carnitine (an amino acid), is added and it binds to free circulating fats and transports them into the mitochondria of the cells to be metabolised as a source of energy for the body.

Fibesol controls Hunger Tonalin Shape and Tone Builds, repairs and maintains muscle mass in men.

No Thank You

Do you battle to stick to your program?
Do you get Cravings for Salty, Sour or Sweet foods?
Yes, I need more Self Control. If you are an Emotional or Mindless Eater, you always need extra restraint.