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Fat Attack

The concentrated fat deposits on your body is an indication of the direct cause of your weight problem.

TenaZ has 3 basic Fat Attack Programs to cure these imbalances:


  • Top Fat Attack
  • Bottom Fat Attack
  • All Over Fat Attack


Let’s look at each Fat Attack Program and understand the differences to choose your personal weight loss solution now:


Where is your Fat deposits concentrated?
Choose Top, Bottom or All Over.

Name of product Function When and How to use
Fat Attack
The Fat Attack is unique to TenaZ.60 Fat Attack Capsules per bottle.
1 Bottle of Fat Attack will last you a Month.
Have you tried many other weight loss programs with no results?
You are at the right place now!
Cure the Cause of your Obesity!It is a myth that obese people eat too much and do not exercise enough. The fact is that hormones control your metabolism. Certain people gain fat in specific areas of their bodies. This indicates, exactly where there is an imbalance, usually the cause of your Obesity.
  • Attack your Big Fat deposits.
  • Repair imbalances, slim down, and get your dream figure now.
  • Stimulant Free!

Use as long as you need to lose weight and until your body is back into shape.


Take 1 Capsule 15min before breakfast. Take 1 Capsule 15min before dinner.

Always take capsules with a glass of water.

Visit and complete the form if you not sure what Fat Attack to choose
Choose your Fat Attack, according to your Big Concentrated Fat Deposits:
Visit the Top Fat Attack Gallery to see some examples A.  Top Fat
see some examples
You never need to struggle tying your shoe laces or need to wear baggy, big shirts again, to cover your big belly fat. Order your personal Top Fat Support program today and get your six pack back.
All your Fat is concentrated above your belly button in your upper body. This shape is referred to as the apple shape figure!


No other fat except your big hard paunch or uncomfortable beer belly.  You have toned arms and muscular legs.


Uncomfortable fat roll (liver roll) under your breasts a hard paunch.  Normally a firm bum, beautiful legs and toned arms. You may have a double chin and fat upper arms if you are severely obese.



  • You really battle to lose weight across your stomach, no matter what you do.
  • You regularly have heartburn or severe digestive problems.
  • You might burp after meals, feel “full” under your ribcage, get nauseous easily and feel uncomfortable after eating fatty foods, meat and even refined starches.
  • Regular headaches, bumps on your skin, sometimes itchy skin.
  • Irritated and quick tempered in the mornings.
  • Warm feet at night, feet have to be open in bed.
  • Uncomfortable in your lower back and between your shoulder blades, sometimes also pain in your right shoulder area.
  • Females sometimes have unsightly and undesirable facial hair.
  • Arthritis.

The cause of your weight problem:
Your liver is toxic and can’t metabolize fat.
Too much progesterone causes your body to be in overdrive, to build muscle and there is an imbalance in your Catabolic and Anabolic metabolism.

Visit the Bottom Fat Attack Gallery to see some examples B.  Bottom Fat
Get your personal Bottom Fat Support program now and change your butt forever! All your fat is concentrated below your belly button.  Mostly in your lower body – big fat bum, little pouch the upper legs and saddle bags, you even have cellulite. This specific shape is referred to as the pear shape.


  • Infertility.
  • Cysts on your ovaries.
  • PMS, irritable and moody at certain times of the month.
  • Menstrual problems – excessive bleeding, tiredness, pain in the lower back, hips and even your knees.
  • Change in libido, vaginal dryness.
  • Constipation.
  • Acne.
  • Excessive hair loss.
  • Even severe menopause such as hot flushes and palpitations.

The cause of your weight problem:

Too much estrogen blocks your body to metabolize fat, and this puts your body in fat store mode.

Visit the All Over Fat Attack Gallery to see some examples
Transform your life with your own personal All Over Fat Support program, order online now!
C.  All Over Fat
Your fat is all over your body – your face, neck, arms, hands, breasts, stomach, bum, legs and even your feet are fat.You are fat from top to toe!


  • Always tired.
  • Get cold easily, cold hands and feet.
  • Poor short-term memory.
  • Trouble focusing.
  • You can even get depressed.
  • Dry hair and skin.
  • Hair loss, especially the outer edges of the eyebrows.
  • Swelling around the eyes.
  • Weak, soft and broken nails.
  • High cholesterol.

The All Over Fat Support Program may cure the cause of your weight problem:


A depleted and overworked thyroid and you might already be on thyroid medication. The All over Fat Support Capsule complements your medication and will only enhance your weight loss. Please keep on taking your chronic medicine while you are on our transformation program. Please visit your doctor to re-adjust your medication to your new healthy weight, when you reach normal weight.


Your pancreas lacks digestive enzymes and battles to regulate sugar. Your pancreas becomes confused and out of desperation throws sugar wherever it can. This is how you get covered with fat all over your body. This is why you will always replace one meal a day with the TenaZ Meal, to get all the digestive enzymes your pancreas lacks and to have a healthy carb and protein metabolism. It will also assist you to stabilize your insulin levels.



Your liver metabolizes T3 (thyroid hormone) into T4 – sometimes your liver is toxic and this slows your metabolism down. This is why you really need the TenaZ Detox to kick-start your metabolism.Click here to listen to a short 4min Radio interview, to know more about the Fat Support ProgramAttack your big Fat Deposits and get the body you always wanted!

Fat Attack