• Good Morning: Kick start your day metabolism while having heaps of energy.
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  • All Over: Most of the times you have more than 15 kg to lose. You are fat from top to toe. You might have a double chin and flabby arms and lose skin. Many times you suffer from chronic lifestyle diseases which can be cured by losing your excess fat.
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  • No Thank You: Overcome barriers the first 4 days. Overcome emotional and mindless overeating.  Stop constant hunger and continued cravings. Get more self-control, get better results!
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  • Meal Replacements: Simply replace as many Meals as possible. This help to repair nutrient imbalances and control starvation dieting. The Extreme Pack have two Meal replacements per day.
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  • Stress Fat: A Unhealthy Diet, Stress, Menopause as well and overweight may cause Adrenal fatigue. This is why you have love handles and a pendulous stomach. Attack this Stress Fat and prevent further Stress Eating while transforming your Body with the Stress Fat Attack.
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  • Good Night: Lose weight while you sleep. Improve your deep sleep to build lean muscle. Repair and rejuvenate your cells, fighting ageing.
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  • Detox: Cleans liver from excess hormones and chemicals to burn fat faster. Repair nutrient imbalances and control craving the simple way. Remove the plaque layer in digestive tract for ultimate nutrient absorption.
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