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Food Control

Take back control!

How many times have you tried a diet program without success? Did you go back to your old, unhealthy eating habits and picked up all the weight you lost. Do you have no clothes to wear because you gained weight? Some of my clients tell me that they feel embarrassed to tell their friends that they are on a weight loss program, nobody believes that they are going to lose weight and stay slim anymore.

You need to eat less. You have to be in control of what you eat. To control your Food Intake is vital to lose weight. Constant dieting and unhealthy eating habits cause severe nutrient imbalances and even mental disorders like emotional and mindless overeating as well as other sicknesses.

Starvation damage your body cells and change your body composition. You might lose muscle tone and bone density as well as minerals. You can even get unexplainable cravings and lack self-control.

Your body might be in severe starvation mode. Repair the nutrient imbalances with our TenaZ Meal. Simply replace 2 meals to save calories and to feed your cells. Get all the self-control you need with our No Thank You capsule.

Learn how to prepare balanced family meals the healthy way. Learn how to eat without guilt. Use our Behavior Modification to learn Portion Control, Food Combinations and Time Control. Healthy eating habits can help your whole family and will change your perception about food and your weight forever!

TenaZ is the best weight loss support program ever, if you need help:

  1. Send us an email with your Fooddairy and your Weight loss Chart to
  2. Phone 0861 59 59 59 for assistance.

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