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 Lose the Waste to Lose Weight. Get the Detox 

@ R500pm.

Save R100 Today!


A Toxic Liver slows down fat burning.

“You are not what you eat, you are what your digestive system breaks down and absorbs!”

First, clean your Digestive System, this will give the results of all your hard work, if you have more than 15kg to lose, I highly recommend using the Detox Capsule to take the strain off your Liver and your Kidneys while losing aggressive weight.

TenaZ Detox will Clean your gut and feed you healthy Microbes for ultimate Nutrient Absorption.

It will Delicately remove the plaque layer in the intestines that causes the malabsorption of nutrients which gives you Cravings. If you suffer from IBS, the infection in the gut could be the unexplained reason for your Weight Problem.

Take two Capsules 30 minutes before Bedtime.
Always take your Capsules with a glass of Water.


No side effects like headache or a runny tummy. Safe to use with chronic medication, your whole family can do with a Detox.

Please note: Alcohol and Binge Eating is a Metabolic Blocker, I strongly suggest taking the Detox for at least 2 days to remove all unwanted toxins.


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