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All over FAT

You have fat right across your body – your face, hands, arms, breasts, stomach, tummy, legs and even your feet are fat.
You are fat from top to toe!


  • Always tired.
  • Easily get cold, cold hands and feet.
  • Poor short- term memory.
  • Trouble focusing.
  • You can even get depressed.
  • Dry hair and skin.
  • Hair loss, especially the outer edges of the eyebrows.
  • Swelling around the eyes.
  • Weak, soft and broken nails.
  • High cholesterol.

The All Over Fat Support may cure the cause of your weight problem:

A depleted and overworked thyroid and you might already be on thyroid medication. The All over Fat Support Capsule complements your medication and will only enhance your weight loss. Please keep on taking your chronic medicine while you on our transformation program. Please visit your doctor to re-adjust your medication to your new healthy weight when you reach normal weight.

Your pancreas lacks digestive enzymes and battle to regulate sugar. Your pancreas becomes confused and out of desperation throws sugar wherever it can. This is how you get covered with fat all over your body. This is why you will always replace one meal a day with the TenaZ Meal Support to have all the digestive enzymes your pancreas lacks to have a healthy carb and protein metabolism. it will also assist you to stabilize your insulin levels.

Your liver metabolises T3 (thyroid hormone) into T4 – sometimes your liver is toxic and this slows your metabolism down. This is why you really need the TenaZ Detox to kick-start your metabolism.