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All Over Fat Program – Solution!

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All Over Fat Attack  – Attacks all unwanted fat and lose skin, all over your body.

No more fat face, arms, belly and legs.
Improve the way you look and feel about yourself with TenaZ!

The All Over Fat Attack Program supports you to cure the cause of your weight problem.



You possibly have a depleted and overworked thyroid and might already be on thyroid medication. Your thyroid controls your hormones. The All Over Fat Attack complements your medication and will only enhance your weight loss process. Please keep on taking your chronic thyroid medicine while you are on our body program. Please visit your doctor to re-adjust your medication to your new healthy weight, when you reach normal weight.


Your pancreas lacks digestive enzymes and battles to regulate the glucose in your bloodstream. Please do not eat sugar. After reaching your goal weight you will still replace one meal per day with our TenaZ meal replacement. The digestive enzymes in the meal replacement will help your pancreas with carbohydrate and protein metabolism. The TenaZ Meal powder will also assist you to stabilize your insulin levels easier. Many of our clients who needs the All Over Fat Attack program has diabetes or insulin resistance. If you have diabetes 1 your pancreas battle to remove the glucose from your bloodstream, you will be injecting insulin. It is sometimes impossible to get off your chronic medicine, being over weights compounds your health problems. Losing the fat is imperative. TenaZ is the only healthy way to optimize your health and to be slim again.



Your liver metabolizes T4 (thyroid hormone) into T3 sometimes your liver is toxic or under stress and this slows your metabolism down. You need to detox your liver before you take any thyroid medication. If you Have diabetes 2, your liver battle to release the stored glucose and you will be on Glucophage. Eating sugar will put more strain on your already struggling liver. Lose your overweight and visit your doctor again, you might be surprized with the results.



How the TenaZ Range can help you:

Digestive System:



TenaZ Meal powder – The Digestive Enzymes supports the pancreas to digest carbohydrates and to stabilize blood sugar levels. It also assists the pancreas with the breakdown of proteins. The Liver and gallbladder can break down fat much easier with the help of the digestive enzymes inside the TenaZ Meal powder.


– Your liver might be toxic. Clean your Liver for maximum fat metabolism and to assist with the metabolizing of the thyroid hormone T4 to T3. The Detox also cleans your intestine from any plaque layers in your digestive tract to help  improve nutrient absorption. This helps to control nutrient imbalances and cravings for sweets and carbohydrates .



Endocrinal System:




Metabolic Repair Kit – Balance Day and Night hormones. This speeds up your resting metabolism and give much better weight loss results, now you will have a 24/7 metabolism. The Good Night capsule improves your deep sleep. This assists your body to burn fat while you sleep, repairing and building muscle tone. It also assists with anti-ageing.






Stress capsule – Control your stress levels, making you calm and relaxed while your carbohydrate intake is lower to lose weight. Assists with adrenal fatigue, making menopause much easier.

Order your Fat Attack Capsules for only R375pm and use with the TenaZ Behaviour Modification program to lose your weight.