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13. TenaZ_15kg_Dysfunctional_Pack.JPG

Lose up to 15kg with the Dysfunctional Pack @ R3850pm.

Save Today!

14. TenaZ_10kg_Extreme_Pack.JPG

Lose up to 10kg with the Extreme Pack @ R2850pm.

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15. TenaZ_7lg-Transform_Pack.JPG

Lose up to 7kg with the Transform Pack @ R1600pm.

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Lose up to 6kg with the Pensioner Pack @ R1000pm.

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16. TenaZ_5kg_Fat_Pack.JPG

Lose up to 5kg with the Fat Attacks @ R850pm.

Save Today!

25. Create_Your_Own_TenaZ_Slimming_Pack.JPG

Create your Home Slimming Pack accordingly to your Personal needs and Budget

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