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About TenaZ

At TenaZ we believe in a Balanced Holistic Lifestyle. We repair Chemical, Hormonal and Nutrient Imbalances which causes unexplained weight and sometimes health problems, with our TenaZ Product Ranges. We bring Body, Mind and Soul together to reach your Healthy Goal Weight and Maximum Potential.

We know how to assist you to Transform your Body. TenaZ will change your perception about Weight Loss Support forever! We have Weight Loss Coaches waiting to assist you. Call us now, we can help you today!

TenaZ is the leader in Fat Attack Science. Since 2003 we have constantly done intense product development. TenaZ does research on the newest weight loss technologies and complies with WADA regulations. The Extreme Range took more than 5 years to develop.

All TenaZ Products are:

  • Pure Cell Food

  • Stimulant Free

  • Non-Addictive

We focus on slimming, weight loss, attitude, and behaviour.

TenaZ is safe to use with Chronic Medication. TenaZ has no Side Effects. Please contact your Health Practitioner for any inquiries concerning your Chronic Medication. It is TenaZ’s Policy not to treat Children under the age of 16 and Pregnant or Breast-Feeding Women. We do not Claim to Cure any Medical Conditions. We specialise in Fat Control and the Retention of Lean Muscle Mass!

Please refrain from using TenaZ Meal if you have a milk allergy. 

About the CEO & FOUNDER

Sanet Muller “Fat Fairy”: 063 062 1888

I've been with TenaZ since 2003. Feel free to contact me. I am here to support you. Please let me know if I can improve any of our TenaZ services. TenaZ empowers woman - I always say a lady can never be too slim or to wealthy. If you want to be slim or rich, contact me!

If you need me to visit your hometown, to inspire a group of ladies to follow their dream of being healthy and slim, and to empower themselves – contact me! I would love to share my story and inspire you to live a life of abundance and joy. Good health and easy weight control. It is my lifelong passion to empower women like me and you. I can help to educate our nation about womanhood, nutrition and change society's ideas about their bodies, minds and even do a little more soul searching. I believe in holistic and healthy weight control and living a happy life!

No strict dieting or crazy weight control methods!

TenaZ Really Works! Let’s do it today! NOW! Do not wait, the next 60 seconds will change your life forever, phone me now! 063 062 1888

Download your Weight Tools Here

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