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4kg Fat Attack

7kg Transform

10kg Extreme

15kg Dysfunctional 


Groot Ontbyt 2021

Dysfunctional Pack Hannie lost 50kg

TenaZ is a proven Pharmaceutical Dietary Supplement Range and Weight Loss Method that is scientifically formulated by nutritional professionals to repair chemical, hormonal, and nutrient imbalances that cause unexplained weight gain. Change your perception about your health and weight forever. TenaZ really works! PLEASE NOTE: We do not REFUND any orders that's placed and paid!

After 2 Babies, I lost 15kg in 2007, I am still healthy weight! Thank you TenaZ!
I lost 15kg

Hi Sanet. Ek het n onderaktiewe skildklier, maar ek het jare terug maer geword met TenaZ. Ek het 40kg verloor!
I Lost 40kg with TenaZ

Ek het nou al 70kg verloor met TenaZ se Dysfunctional Pack!
TenaZ werk Regtig! 70kg Minder!

"I Was Morbidly Obese" High Blood pressure, Diabetes, feeling tired every day! I never want to be FAT again! I will always LOVE TenaZ!
I lost 80kg! TenaZ saved my Life!